Baseball players that did steroids

And although the mean center for baseball players has shifted from Ohio to Oklahoma, remember that this shift has less to do with those states in particular than with the rise of California, specifically Southern California, as the nation’s hotbed of baseball talent. Dividing the country into 50 equal states based on player birthplace since 1900 results in Southern California being cut into three states. Making the same division, but based on 2014 player birthplaces only, leaves the Los Angeles–San Diego area divided into seven states. Likewise, southern Florida transforms from one state to nearly four.

Check out our lists below. We have listed players in alphabetical order and by position, first the ones in the game box, and then the ones in each of the player card expansion sets. Stay tuned for more lists of additional sets, to be available soon.

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Baseball players that did steroids

baseball players that did steroids


baseball players that did steroidsbaseball players that did steroidsbaseball players that did steroidsbaseball players that did steroidsbaseball players that did steroids