Can't uninstall websteroids

The OPERATING SYSTEM under discussion does not show up in add/remove and there is no uninstall feature worth discussing. Yes there is a very specific situation where there is an uninstall but this machine and your machine's situation does not apply.

Moving on.

This is why the news is rather grim and why my advice remains:

1. Backup what you can't lose.
2. Repeat item 1 so you have a backup to your backup.
3. Restore the machine to its factory supplied OS.
4. Install Office, your choice of apps and antivirus.
5. Restore your documents and curse whoever put you into this position.

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I have SAV installed on a Windows 7 machine.  The client came gratus from a prior employer. It appears that the update server has taken a permanent nap, and connections to SOPHOS directly are not working.  When I attempt to uninstall the client, I am hit with the prompt to disable Tamper Protection - a feature for which I do not have the password. It's likely that the administration of this service and many other IT function have been outsourced there, so I don't think I'm going to get any assistance with passwords. 

Can't uninstall websteroids

can't uninstall websteroids


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