Corticosteroids meaning in urdu

The circle formed by two ‘C’ shapes represents our global collaboration. The lines within illustrate the summary results from an iconic systematic review. Each horizontal line represents the results of one study, while the diamond represents the combined result, our best estimate of whether the treatment is effective or harmful. The diamond sits clearly to the left of the vertical line representing “no difference”, therefore the evidence indicates that the treatment is beneficial. We call this representation a “forest plot”. This forest plot within our logo illustrates an example of the potential for systematic reviews to improve health care. It shows that corticosteroids given to women who are about to give birth prematurely can save the life of the newborn child.

Other things being equal, you would normally write eight instead of 8 , but “people” is modified by both 12 and 8 in this sentence, so to be uniform, it’s okay to break this rule and write the smaller number the same way you write the larger number. On the other hand, “groups” is only modified by one number ( two ), so it must be written as a word. On the third hand, it is acceptable to maintain document-wide uniformity and write eight the same way you do every other single-digit number in every other sentence.

Osteoporosis with markedly reduced bone mineral densities has also increasingly been recognized as a significant health problem in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Screening with a bone density study is recommended in postmenopausal woman, men over age 50, patients with prolonged corticosteroid use (more than 3 consecutive months or recurrent courses), patients with personal history of traumatic fractures with minimal trauma , and patients with hypogonadism. Most patients with inflammatory bowel disease should be taking calcium and vitamin D supplements .

Corticosteroids meaning in urdu

corticosteroids meaning in urdu


corticosteroids meaning in urducorticosteroids meaning in urducorticosteroids meaning in urducorticosteroids meaning in urducorticosteroids meaning in urdu