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Protein and fat levels are maintained throughout this program, however carbs are gradually reduced leading to reduced calories consumed. In weeks 1-3, less calories will be consumed on rest days (all three of them) due to the lack of a pre- and post-workout meal. However, more calories will be consumed on rest days during weeks 4-6. This is due to the extreme drop in carb intake resulting in a drop in leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone which is essential for maintaining metabolic rate. By giving the body a high-carb day, leptin levels are maintained.

74 Secondly, this case is yet another of those all too frequent cases where, in order to impose a proper sentence on the Respondent, this Court has had to choose between the unfairness of unequal treatment of co-offenders and the injustice to the community of acquiescing in a second manifestly inadequate sentence because the Director of Public Prosecutions, while appealing in the case of the Respondent elected, or was not sufficiently organised, to appeal in the case of a co-offender. As the Respondent and Sayadi were both arrested on the same day and sentenced by the same judge some 2 weeks apart it is inconceivable that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions was not aware of the relationship between them. In that situation it is impossible to see any rational explanation for the bringing of an appeal in one case and not in the other.

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    Cory gregory anabolic fasting

    cory gregory anabolic fasting


    cory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fasting