Ecdysteroid signaling

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The 19S regulatory particle is responsible for stimulating the 20S to degrade proteins. A primary function of the 19S regulatory ATPases is to open the gate in the 20S that blocks the entry of substrates into the degradation chamber. [33] The mechanism by which the proteasomal ATPase open this gate has been recently elucidated. [16] 20S gate opening, and thus substrate degradation, requires the C-termini of the proteasomal ATPases, which contains a specific motif (., HbYX motif). The ATPases C-termini bind into pockets in the top of the 20S, and tether the ATPase complex to the 20S proteolytic complex, thus joining the substrate unfolding equipment with the 20S degradation machinery. Binding of these C-termini into these 20S pockets by themselves stimulates opening of the gate in the 20S in much the same way that a "key-in-a-lock" opens a door. [16] The precise mechanism by which this "key-in-a-lock" mechanism functions has been structurally elucidated. [34]

Ecdysteroid signaling

ecdysteroid signaling


ecdysteroid signalingecdysteroid signalingecdysteroid signalingecdysteroid signalingecdysteroid signaling