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Funny you should mention the 'V' shape from the northwest.  I too have observed this on numerous occasions from my perch here in central Mendocino County.  And, as with you my thought was and is that there is a fixed base from which the aerosoled clouds are zapped.  The only fixed base in my mind, going northwest , that might be a suspect is the NEXRAD tower in Eureka, California.  The other two towers nearest me are in the Sacramento area and Bay Area, both southeast and south of here.  The NEXRAD towers were recently enhanced in power and given vertical capabilities along with existing horizontal.  The output is. 748,000 watts of power.  The radius is 250 miles out .  Full circle or straight 'V' beam.  Full circle is 500 miles,  360 degrees.  Power is likely diluted in a full sweep.  But beamed like a flashlight might produce the disturbance in the atmosphere.  Not too many months ago I was using the visible cloud satellite and had enlarged the image to the Southern Nevada area.  Suddenly a doughnut shaped pulse imminated  out from the Searchlight, Nevada area.  There is a very updated NEXRAD facility there.  Because the Intellicast loop repeats itself, and for more than an hour, I was able to take measurements.  The roiling created doughnut cloud circle was absolutely uniform.  At 250 miles out from the epicenter the cloud parameter edge dissipated, disappearing altogether. Had I blinked it would have gone unnoticed.  That one incident caused me to wonder about NEXRAD.  Further, there are 160 of these facilities across the US.  The placement is such that virtually all of the US is blanketed.  The sweep of each one overlaps at least the sweep of one or two or three others, depending on proximities.  Focusing three horizontal beans upon one target might create something of interest, given that each has an output of 748,000 watts.  Having no acumen for calculations or science, its difficult for me to really understand what is the potential for malfeasance, if any.

A highly effective (but expensive) treatment now recommended by the American FDA and British NICE guidelines for use as the preferred third line add-on treatment of Chronic Urticaria unresponsive to high dose antihistamines, includes subcutaneous injections of 300mg Omalizumab (Xolair) once a month for 6 months.  Recent studies on this monoclonal antibody (previously only used in asthma) show that once initial control is gained (after one month), the dose may be halved to maintain control for the 6 month induction period which can result in total remission of the Urticaria. However at least 40% will relapse after withdrawal of Omalizumab.  (Zuberbier et al, EAACI Guidelines urticaria, Allergy 69(7) 2014)

Homebrew oral steroids recipes

homebrew oral steroids recipes


homebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipes