Intradiscal corticosteroid injection

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“Initially I had a work related injury that could not be treated with surgery. I was referred to Dr. Pasi from my orthopaedic surgeon with unbearable pain. This pain was not only affecting my everyday life, but was also causing some depression. Dr. Pasi dealt with my pain through procedures and overall pain management. She was also able to treat my depression with a pain psychologist. Dr. Pasi has been a great help not only as a physician but as a person. This has been a wonderful experience, and i could not have asked for anything more”
– Dennis J .

Intradiscal corticosteroid injection

intradiscal corticosteroid injection


intradiscal corticosteroid injectionintradiscal corticosteroid injectionintradiscal corticosteroid injectionintradiscal corticosteroid injectionintradiscal corticosteroid injection