Isoblend steroid

First, weigh out 100 grams of tren enan powder. Put 200 grams of tren enan raw powders into the beaker, add 20 ml of BA and 200 ml of BB;
Second, the melting point of tren enan is 69~71°C, we can use water bath to melt tren enan powder. Put the beaker in hot water bath which the temperature of water is about 95 to 100 °C and about 4 inches depth (Please pre-heat the water in advance.). After about 5 to 8 minutes heating in water bath, then the tren enan powder will be melted. By heating in water bath, the conversion won’t get dark even we heat it for a little longer time.
Third, after the powders in the beaker are melted completely, then we add GSO into the beaker and keep brewing. Use a magnetic stirrer if you have or use a glass rod to replace the stirrer. If you are using a magnetic stirrer, please watch out the temperature. Please set up at about 95 to 100 °C. Brewing for another 15 minutes and the brewing is done and it will be ready for filtering.
Before we inject the oil, we have to make sure it is safe and sterile for use, so sterile filtration have to be done.

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Isoblend steroid

isoblend steroid


isoblend steroidisoblend steroid