Listeroid diesel for sale

This handle type is equipped with a spring loaded ratchet pin which is designed to engauge into the engines output shaft keyway slot. The pin can be reversed to cater for both clockwise and anti clockwise rotation engines. This handle is only suitable for use on engines with a shaft diameter of " thats machined with a keyway.

Supplied with a turned wooden grip and reversible ratchet pin.

These handles are known to be suitable replacements for the following Lister Petter part numbers 201-12500, 571-10191 and 201-13320

Can you tell me where to buy the 2nd bearing adapter for a generator head with J609b adaptation. I have a nice generator head that I would really like to use, but its taper shaft and I need to adapt it to straight shaft 2 bearing unit. I seen a post you made about this being done and said if there is interest it could be sold, but never gave contact information or a way to show interest. I actually have 2 of these gen heads in perfect condition that engines failed on both and due to them being diesel engine’s they are incredibly expensive to repair. both need engine blocks of the yanmar 12hp design….several thousand for new engines.

Listeroid diesel for sale

listeroid diesel for sale


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