Long term and short term effects of steroids

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The other side of capital management involves collecting debt in as short a time as possible. One way you can handle debt management is by attracting customers who can increase your revenue while offsetting your cash flow. Offering discounts and allowances can serve more than one purpose. In addition to making purchases more inviting and increasing your short term sales, you can move out-of-stock inventory and reward valuable customers.

Be careful about large volume customers or the reverse of speedy debt collecting could happen. Know their credit history and build in as many pre-pay factors as you can without driving them away. Some companies keep credit cards on file and collect throughout the service process instead of just at the end. The bottom line is to do less work, but for people who actually pay, and don’t do more work for the people who don’t pay.

Sometimes working capital management may involve taking active steps to improve your cash flow, and simply earning more profit through increased sales may not be enough. One way that a company can handle this situation is through issuing common or preferred stock in the business for cash. This could even mean taking on a partner, a possibility but not always the ideal solution. Replacing some of your short term debt with long term debt is another option. In a real bind, it might be feasible to sell some of your equipment and then lease it back from the new owners. When your lease is completed, you will own your equipment once more. Settling short term debts for less than the original stated amount is another opportunity to raise your cash flow, as is factoring, in which case you will actually sell your accounts receivable at a slightly reduced amount to a business or “factor” for ready cash. It will then be the factor’s responsibility to collect your debts for his profit.

Long term and short term effects of steroids

long term and short term effects of steroids


long term and short term effects of steroidslong term and short term effects of steroidslong term and short term effects of steroidslong term and short term effects of steroidslong term and short term effects of steroids