Post contest anabolic window

Finally, specific advice. If you are looking to juice for the first time, don’t get too complicated! I hear of people going out the first time and running 5 different drugs.. That’s crazy; there’s simply no need to do that, you can only grow so fast and there’s not much gained (except risk) by going poly drug. A great 8-12 week cycle for most men is 500mgs/wk of testosterone and .5 to 1mg 3X a week of Arimidex (depending on how you feel). That’s it. No need to over complicate things! Also, you need to get over any fear of needles. Oral steroids are ALL DANGEROUS because they need to go through your liver, and, because of that, they all stress your body a lot more than injections. It’s not that bad, I’ve been doing it 2X a week for years, you get used to it. Not the highlight of my day, but no worse than a lot of other things! If you just want to be sterile, 250mgs/wk of testosterone with .5 Arimidex 3X a week will do it for most men. That’s a high TRT dose, and will make most steroid newbies grow pretty well; but it’s low enough that most people can stay on it indefinitely. Oh, and, one other thing.. Get some Rogaine. 😉 That’s a real negative side effect of steroids, if you’re predisposed to male pattern baldness, steroids WILL accelerate the hair loss. Rogaine (or Propecia, if you can stand the sides) helps immensely.

As far as offseason goes , is it basically like your pre-contest article on , find you protein need , find your fat need , then subtract it from your calorie totals and the left over calories would carbs ? for example :
I’m 220 pound male body builder about 8% bf age 21. I take in 220 grams of protein, 15 -20 % fat which would be 78 grams of fat . As for carbs that would make it about 440 grams carbs Does this sound like I’m on the right track for nutrition ratios?

That is exactly what i recommend

Post contest anabolic window

post contest anabolic window


post contest anabolic windowpost contest anabolic windowpost contest anabolic windowpost contest anabolic windowpost contest anabolic window