Scalp psoriasis steroid cream

Oh lawsonia inermis, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Back in January, I began a quest to strengthen and thicken my hair and discovered henna . My hair was thinner than normal, and weak/brittle from frequent manipulation due to psoriasis. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about relief from psoriasis – but rather a solution to make my hair more resilient. I sauntered down to Whole Foods and purchased my first of many boxes of Light Mountain Red Henna (I know it’s not the fancy online herbal mystic brand, but it IS 100% lawsonia inermis and that is good enough for me).  I did a four hour treatment of henna , water, and coconut oil, and was in for the surprise of my life. After washing out the henna with the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shampoo , I discovered my scalp was completely clear. Like, I could part my hair clear. I figured it was an anomaly, and that the shampoo was just working really well that day. Weeks later, my scalp was still clear. After about a month, I experienced some slight itching towards the nape, and felt a few small flakes. So I henna’d again, and it went away. Twice is nice, but the 3 rd time is the charm. After my March henna treatment, I realized that this plant was providing something I hadn’t had in YEARS – a clean scalp. There isn’t a lot of research on henna , nor a solid explanation for why (beyond it carrying anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties, and that is irrelevant for psoriasis) – but for me, the proof is in the pudding. Henna smells awful (although creating a henna mix with a yummy smelling conditioner does help), and is incredibly messy, but I am committed to monthly treatments at the beginning of every month. I am on month 7 of henna treatments, and I will continue them until it becomes ineffective.

Put fresh turmeric, ginger, 2c coconut water in a blender, thoroughly blend strain. Rinse blender, put juice back in add juice of one lemon, sea salt, cayenne pepper, turmeric powder pepper, honey a couple splashes of apple cider vinegar blend again – put in a clean bottle and keep in fridge – take 2oz every morning on empty stomach. Don’t have real measurement as I do it by taste -but has worked for me especially when I have flare ups usually gone on about two weeks. Juice last about a week. I usually do three weeks on tree weeks off so and keep to a healthy diet and exercise.

Scalp psoriasis steroid cream

scalp psoriasis steroid cream


scalp psoriasis steroid creamscalp psoriasis steroid creamscalp psoriasis steroid creamscalp psoriasis steroid creamscalp psoriasis steroid cream