Serono hgh anabolic steroids

Serostim has other effects other than increasing lean muscle mass. It can improve the metabolic rate so that you have more energy. It can increase the way the muscles receive nutrients by increasing the cardiovascular blood flow.  It improves sleep patterns. One of the ways HGH prevents ageing is by increasing an improving quality of sleep. Older people sleep less and have a poorer quality of sleep younger folk. Taking HGH can return you to those days when you slept long and well and awoke feeling refreshed.  Indeed its during sleep that HGH can have its best effect repairing the body.

Lol nice one, yes u are right they are blue tops. I guess it all comes down to bloodwork right? This summer im gonna run rips and do bloods. I am gonna try to get ppl who r running hyges, myos, and red tops all to do bloods and let's see who comes out on top! GH is hard to differentiate because its all looks the same basically. But the thing about rips is that the caps are embossed which means they are coming from a diff place then generic tops. Generic are still GH tho so its all on how much ur willing to spend on GH u can buy rips and ansomone and have results quicker or get generic and well.....they're generic lol. I've heard online that blue tops are like 4-6 IU but the internet is a lot hear-say

Serono hgh anabolic steroids

serono hgh anabolic steroids


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