Steroid ferrets sold as poodles

Dr. Bek collaborates with genetic research groups around the world and is credited with the discovery of a previously unknown genetic disease affecting Tenterfield terriers (Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goiter, or CHG). Working with Professor John C. Fyfe, ., ., Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University over a period of two years she also played a role in the successful development of a buccal swab for DNA testing for carriers of the disease. The majority of breeding stock of Tenterfield Terriers in Australia has now been tested and carriers are being identified, making it possible for CHG to ultimately be eliminated from the breed.

I was breaking down my tank as a sale to a friend. I seperated a bunch of brownish and teal stripped palythoas from the tank into another tank so I could keep a large colony. Apparently while we waited for the water to drain into buckets my hands dried off. Because it was around 8:30 in the morning I was wiping the corners of my eyes. Within 5 minutes I started feeling like a strong allergy came over me. I sneezed, coughed and iched the hell out of my eyes(only putting more toxins in the left as I rubbed). Within 1 hour I was at the ER getting my eye flushed. They gave me eye drops and pain reliever naproxin and vicoden. Neither worked for shit. By 4am the pain was 10 out of 10. The next day around 12:30 went to the eye center and within 15 minutes of giving me drops the pain stopped. My eyelids were swollen shut like frog eyes. But no more pain. He gave me a steroid drop , dilated my pupils so the eye would not continue to expand and contract and also gave me a eye antibiotic. He said the pain reliever the ER gave me didn’t work for eye pain but Tylenol would.. Also told me most eye centers have on call doctors for the ER and to insist to contact that eye doctor as ER peolpe aren’t prepared to handle eye injuries. It took two full weeks to regain about 99% of my vision back. I think it’s still just slightly blurry. Anyhow lesson learned Wash your hand after touching any coral.

Steroid ferrets sold as poodles

steroid ferrets sold as poodles


steroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodlessteroid ferrets sold as poodles