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“Supplements”: Notice that we typed “supplements” and not supplements ? That’s because we are referring to steroids in a nice way, you can’t be a Mr. Olympia while staying natural because it’s literally impossible, now, don’t get confused, this doesn’t mean that by taking steroids you’re going to be a Mr. Olympia, if not everyone could and would do it! Steroids could be said to be the finishing touch, bodybuilders in the 50’s, 60’s and even early 70’s used to have amazing physiques and we bet you that almost all of them had a natural body or took minimal drugs because they didn’t exist or weren’t popular enough!

Personally i much prefer the steve reeves look any day…this crazy trend in BB today just to pile on more and more muscle regardless of how unbalanced the end results are, demands that pro body-builders take more and more steds, GH and other mad often expensive supplements, despite the awful looking aesthetics of the ridiculous ugly muscle bound and totally unnatural look….sted heads will always love to talk about how big or strong they are or how good other sted headed body-builders look!..its in their shallow nature to keep looking in the mirror!…i say keep body-building 100% natural, no cheating!..even if steroid users still claim they need huge amounts of dedication and controlled lifestyles and diets its still CHEATING!..and unnatural!…most modern pro body-builders today look bl**dy ridiculous & so unbalanced …Phil Heath looks just like what he is! a bloated meatball sted head user who has no desire to do things naturally….i mean just look at his bloated traps…ridiculous!

Hi Tom
Great info I did not know you were a fan of the "Iron Guru" until now. As with you i followed Vince through Musclemag and other articles and even brought the excellent book published by Bob Kennedy "Unleash the Wild Physique". As you say he was one in a few million way out there but the mavericks make history. The routines he recommended are of legend and very taxing, as were the diet plans but man he was never boring or one dimensional. He produced a string of outstanding physiques Don Howarth being a prize example shoulders like cannon balls. Thanks again for the article it really caught my attention, keep up the good work. Peter

Steroid free mr olympia

steroid free mr olympia


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