Steroid injection in heel

Heel Neuritis : Neuritis is inflammation of a nerve. In the ankle, a branch from the nerve coursing down the leg can be rubbed and irritated at the inside of the heel. The rub and irritation is generally due to shoes or orthotics. The symptoms include pain, numbness, burning, tingling and needle-like sensations.

X-rays are useful in ruling out other heel problems, but will not show any changes related to the nerve. Unfortunately, specific nerve studies (electrodiagnostic studies) are not specific for this condition. Luckily, the initial treatment for plantar fasciitis and nerve entrapment are very similar. Decreasing stress on the heel and reducing inflammation are the most effective conservative therapies. But, aggressive stretching of the plantar fascia (cornerstone treatment for plantar fasciitis) can potentially worsen the nerve entrapment. Steroid injections may be beneficial by decreasing the irritation and inflammation around the nerve. When conservative treatments fail, surgical release of the nerve may be necessary.

I recently finished a series of lumbar cortisone shots for a back injury. The last shot produced some strange reactions. The day after, I awoke with heightened sensory perceptions. Objects were brighter, sounds louder, smells stronger, and thoughts clearer; very psychedelic. Then I began having rapid heartbeat, pulse and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I had profuse sweating . Now 5 days later, I am on the mend. I thought. However, a red, flat, itchy , painful rash appeared under my breasts streaking down my torso. I thought it might be heat rash . My previous injections had no side effects, indicating to me, personally, that this might be a cumulative effect.

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    Steroid injection in heel

    steroid injection in heel


    steroid injection in heelsteroid injection in heelsteroid injection in heelsteroid injection in heelsteroid injection in heel