Steroid shop reviews

Known about this source for a few years but just recently made a small test order with this supplier, received my order here in the UK in 8 business days which included two bank holidays. I checked the items (omnadren, testoviron and iranian test e) as best i could, the aburaihan is batch 5032 which is apparently counterfeit (but works), testoviron seem legit but not sure. Like the reviews on their site often mention they added an extra amp which was a pleasant surprise.
The order was packaged discreetly and securely.
The prices are decent and quite good on some items, delivery cost is reasonable.

I’m new to the steroids game and therefore carried out a lot of research before I was prepared to place an order with an online supplier. I came to the conclusion that Steroid Center was reputable because they had many good reviews and testimonials from their existing customers. I also liked the idea that you could insure for any losses such as customs seizures for example by paying an addition 10% of the value of your order before shipping costs are added; this gave me peace of mind and I considered that the small addition cost was well worth it. I tracked the complete journey of my order once it was shipped and it arrived within about 10 days in stealth packaging; everything was in tact and the products I ordered were genuine. All communications with Steroid Center are very good, they reply to your emails and they keep you up to date about the progress of your order via email and your online account. I shall be purchasing more products from them in the future as these guys are good at what they do.

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Steroid shop reviews

steroid shop reviews


steroid shop reviewssteroid shop reviewssteroid shop reviewssteroid shop reviewssteroid shop reviews