Steroid shot safe while breastfeeding

An epidural steroid injection places this powerful anti-inflammatory medication directly around the spinal nerves. Traditionally epidural injections were administered without any special equipment, by inserting the needle by feel in the area around the spinal nerves. More recently epidural injections have been administered with the aid of imaging tools to allow your physician to see the needle going to the proper location. Either real-time x-ray called fluoroscopy, or CT scan can be used to 'watch' the needle deliver the medication to the proper location. 

Everyone is different. I strongly agree with this articles advice ti avoid pro inflammatory foods and sugar. You can substitute roasted Palm flower sugar. Its a bit pricy but really helps in place of sugar.
I had a cortisone injection in my back and my wbole body swelled up. It suporessed my adrneal glands and threw mt entire endocrine system out of wack! I really suffered for a few years!!!
I use natural enzymes (live juice) and probiotics as well as a desecated adrneal product from a health food store and nacent iodine. All of which are slowly but surely reducing pain and inflammation as well as healing my digestive track and restoring immune system. I've also done codfee enemas to heal my liver. You can Google everything I've mentioned.
Living with pain and inflammation post accident is a horrible experience. Finding safe and healthy was to heal restores wellbeing!

I found out at 17 weeks that i had a huge aneurysm in my heart and if I stayed pregnant, the baby would be premature. We kept the baby and so at 24 weeks they gave me the betamethasone in case I had to have the baby before 28 weeks. At 27 weeks I went into the hospital for monitoring so at 28 weeks I got a booster of the shots. at 28 weeks 2 days they discovered that my aorta had a tear in it, so I had an emergency csection (and heart surgery at the same time). My son is now 13 days old and was only briefly on a ventilator (until they realized he was out performing it). So he's been breathing on his own since birth. I'd say go for the shots.

Steroid shot safe while breastfeeding

steroid shot safe while breastfeeding


steroid shot safe while breastfeedingsteroid shot safe while breastfeedingsteroid shot safe while breastfeedingsteroid shot safe while breastfeedingsteroid shot safe while breastfeeding