Steroidni dermatitis

Starting dose is usually 40 mg of prednisone with breakfast for two to four weeks. If the disease is poorly controlled, the dose may be increased to 60 to 80 mg daily but blood pressure, serum glucose and side effects will require careful monitoring. Once controlled, the dose of steroids should be reduced by half for at least two weeks. Further reduction will depend on the break-through dose, the severity of the underlying skin disease and the availability or efficacy of steroid-sparing agents. The dose of long term prednisone should be as low as possible, as for other chronic diseases, and if possible taken on alternate days.

If your doctor diagnoses contact dermatitis due to your work, you or your doctor should tell your employer. They have to report this to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In the rare case of you being significantly disabled by your skin condition, you should contact the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). You may be entitled to a special kind of disability benefit (Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit). This is unusual; however, some people do find they have to change jobs because of their contact dermatitis. So it can have quite an effect on your life.

Steroidni dermatitis

steroidni dermatitis


steroidni dermatitissteroidni dermatitissteroidni dermatitissteroidni dermatitissteroidni dermatitis