Steroids in mlb hall of fame

But technically, Griffey isn’t a Hall of Famer yet and won’t be until the induction ceremony this summer. I also like seeing how probable inductees do in the voting here.
 Griffey may have finished fifth in total votes, though he’s the only player of the 25 to have 100 percent of his voters say he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Griffey also got the most votes saying he belongs in Cooperstown. Neither of those things affects Griffey’s ranking in this project, but they befit one of the most beloved players in baseball history.

By being on the ballot, PED users take votes away from clean players. Nothing can prove this more than what happened this year. 3,000-hit man Craig Biggio missed the Hall of Fame this year by two votes while steroid users Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, and Rafael Palmeiro received a combined 529 votes. There is absolutely no doubt that if one of these users had been left off the ballot for PED use, then Craig Biggio would be up there on the podium this summer with his fellow inductees entering the Hall of Fame. But as we know, that will not be the case. With that said, it’s just a shame what the steroid era has done to baseball and how we allow it to continue to cut down those great ballplayers who played baseball with their true talents.

Steroids in mlb hall of fame

steroids in mlb hall of fame


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