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I was stationed in CA in the early 70’s when I watched a PBS series and a co-worker of mine was watching it at the behest of his night school prof. The co-worker and his classmates were discussing the Milgram experiments and were convinced that most if not all of them would have stopped delivering the fake shocks. One class the prof was late and when he barged in at the last minute he walked up to the board and wrote a question that appeared to have come from some other class he was teaching. The prof called on a couple of people for answers who stammered their “I don’t knows” and then he called upon a hapless woman and would not let her protestations allow her off the hook. He began angrily ridiculing her and questioning her desire to be in the class to the point that she started crying and still he would not let up. As suddenly as he had started the prof stopped his diatribe and said “see how easy it is”? To the great chagrin of the rest of the class it suddenly dawned upon them that not one other person rose to her defense and that the woman was the prof’s equivalent to Milgram’s “learners”.

Limited published data on atorvastatin calcium from observational studies, meta-analyses and case reports have not shown an increased risk of major congenital malformations or miscarriage. Rare reports of congenital anomalies have been received following intrauterine exposure to other HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. In a review of approximately 100 prospectively followed pregnancies in women exposed to simvastatin or lovastatin, the incidences of congenital anomalies, spontaneous abortions, and fetal deaths/stillbirths did not exceed what would be expected in the general population. The number of cases is adequate to exclude a ≥3 to 4-fold increase in congenital anomalies over the background incidence. In 89% of the prospectively followed pregnancies, drug treatment was initiated prior to pregnancy and was discontinued at some point in the first trimester when pregnancy was identified.

Tnt 300 steroid

tnt 300 steroid


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