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Sanya sprang onto the world stage with the Miss World pageant. A bevy of bikini-clad beauties descended on the island to strut their stuff on white-sand beaches, languorously draped around the pools of the Sheraton Sanya, determined to save pandas, hug trees, cheer whales, and bring up orphans – if there were any left over after Brangelina adopted half of Africa. Ask Bishop Desmond Tutu who his mother is and he’ll probably say, “Angelina Jolie.” Other aspiring Miss Worlds said the greatest living woman was Mother Theresa (then dead for several years). It attests to the other-worldly sense of this place where you lose all track of time. Miss World could be back in December 2017.

While this is the first “true” adventure Ducati, it’s the last bike of our four that we would ride to the tip of South America or across Africa. It’s a scream in non-technical dirt but suffers when the going gets tough, and the key-fob issue is far from reassuring when you’re way off the grid. But with its amazing electronics, beautiful engine, excellent range from its -gallon fuel tank, and stiff yet somehow comfy seat, the Multistrada may be the best of the bunch if you stick to easy or moderate trails and want to shred a lot of asphalt.

Books are great, but given the option, wouldn’t you rather eat your history lesson? As centerpiece to the Camlann Medieval Village, a living-history museum portraying an English village circa 1376, the Bors Hede Inne (that would be “Boar’s Head Inn” for those not inclined toward Ye Olde English) offers troubadour waiters in period costume and a roaring fire, as well as actual 14th-century recipes like fenberry pye (pork, chicken, and cranberries) and sanc dragon (chicken in a cinnamon and almond sauce). Sure beats a Ren Faire turkey leg.

Twin dragon steroids

twin dragon steroids


twin dragon steroidstwin dragon steroidstwin dragon steroids