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She was born Ola Wave Campbell in North Carolina in a remote area deep in the Blue Ridge known as the Lost Provinces. During the Depression, she and her family migrated to the low country above the Chesapeake Bay along the Mason-Dixon Line. Some of the Campbells ended up on the Pennsylvania side and some on the Maryland side, in North East, Rising Sun and Pleasant Hill, near Elkton. Most, like Campbell’s dad, were grocery store owners. Music was one of the things the family brought north, and Ola was soon playing in a hillbilly band and hosting a radio show. In 1949, she married Bud Reed, and along with Ola’s brother Alex, they formed the house band at New River Ranch, a country-music park that they operated on Octoraro Creek near their home in Rising Sun. At some point, she changed her middle name to Belle, after 1930s country star Lulu Belle, to further her budding career. For the rest of her life, she was known as Ola Belle Reed. Her mantra had always been “No matter what, don’t sell out.” So, it stung Campbell that a die-hard maverick like her had felt the need to up her commercial appeal.

Ulysses bodybuilder steroids

ulysses bodybuilder steroids


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