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There are some major differences between the Bayer and Alpha Pharma testosterone ampoules. The Alpha Pharma glass ampoule is thinner and much easier to snap open. Bayer has of testosterone compared to Alpha Pharma . Bayer testosterone is a thick oil solution and Alpha Pharma appears much more watery. This means the Alpha Pharma Induject-250 can be injected with a smaller 24-gauge needle. Bayer’s Testoviron will require a larger 22-gauge needle. It is slower to draw from the ampoule and inject into the body. The cost difference is about half. Bayer cost 160 Baht per ampoule and Alpha Pharma cost 80 Baht per ampoule. Quality can not be compared without pathology results.

“Yes it was incorrect ( referring to one of their many false lab test results ) ; maybe you can get a job at Axio for proof reading and afford to register your own website. As I am told, this was when they migrated from the old format to the slightly newer one, this is a typo, and does not affect the result in the slightest. Bearing in mind this was from an independent laboratory, not Axio and that they just uploaded what they were given you still want to point fingers? Axio, being the great company they are have pulled the lab result and sent the sample back to the lab for re analysis just to be sure”

Unigen steroids any good

unigen steroids any good


unigen steroids any goodunigen steroids any goodunigen steroids any good