Water retention face steroids

In 2008 I had my thyroid removed due to Hashimotos and an under active thyroid. Turned out I had cancer. Had radiation – drank it. So my surgeon wants to keep my TSH at or less. I had Bariatric Surgery in 2010, lost 140 pounds and doing well. Then my TSH level has started to go up due to the way I absorb. My level went up to for TSH. Changed my medicine and the way I take it, now don’t take it with any other medicine. My level went to .8. six weeks later tested again and it went to .3. My primary care, thinks it is to low, surgeon thinks it is ok. Last two weeks I have started gaining weight and now last two days water retention is horrible, Both ankles swollen. 10 pounds of water weight right now in last couple of days. Any recommendations. Desperate in Indianapolis

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Water retention face steroids

water retention face steroids


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