Why do sportsmen take steroids

But what about the days when your head just doesn’t want to leave the pillow? How can you triumph in that critical window when your alarm goes off and you face the big choice between dozing and exercise? “It ultimately comes down to motivation because that is what gets you out of bed,” says Reed. But there are things you can do to help boost your reserves of willpower. “Make sure you’re doing a sport you genuinely like,” he advises. “I love rowing and that gives me the energy to get up and go each morning. And don’t be afraid to try new things to keep you interested. What motivated me this season was doing a 2014 Press-Up Challenge (on January 1 you do one press-up, on January 2 you do two, etc). It’s real back-to-basics training and a lot of fun.

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Illicit drugs consumed which are not prescribed by a medical practitioner are deemed to be illegal. End of story.
It doesn't matter who you are, what profession you're in, male or female or which sport you play.
We have two young men about to face the firing squad in Indonesia for attempting to smuggle deadly drugs out of that country.
Drugs are a hideous, soul destroying blight on our society.
These 'superstars' are not beyond the law. If alleged police evidence proves they are guilty of the heinous crime of drug dealing, they must be given the full sentence allowable under our laws.
And with allegations such as these pending, their clubs have every right to suspend them from playing.
Remember, these are people many of our youth admire, look up to. Therefore, they must be made an example of.
Sad, but true.

Why do sportsmen take steroids

why do sportsmen take steroids


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